Dreadbit’s Battle Puzzler, Ironcast, Visiting Consoles



This one certainly has my attention. Dreadbit Games happen to be experiencing quite a bit of compliment with their steampunk mecha/Puzzle Quest hybrid, Ironclad, about Steam. Not happy to rest on their laurels, this kind of sleeper hit are going to be making its solution to XBox One in addition to Playstation 4 that March. Just evaluating the features list is actually leaving me scratching to play this in this little beloved PS4.

Set in Victorian Britain, players are tasked with defending the British Empire by killer their enemies having a giant walking water vapor powered tank. The actual battles take place using a turn based process, requiring strategic go with of “resource nodes” to attack the enemies. Thus, it’s like the story/RPG aspects of?Puzzle Quest,?though the actual gem...

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Atari Vault Announced with regard to Steam Release



Atari announced today that Atari Vault will be coming over to PC, and be previewed in PAX South 2016. This collection is set to attribute over 100 vintage games, including well-known games like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, and Warlords. The particular games will be enhanced from the original, with online multiplayer, and Vapor controller support accessible.

While yet another Atari compilation might appear a bit needless, the concept of playing these games with Steam controlled optimization is fascinating. Many arcade online games had very specific control types, plus the Steam controller appears like it could be perfect for replicating things like a trackball...

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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Teaser Trailer Released



Valkyria: Azure Revolution is a new RPG at the moment under development by means of Media.Vision for that PS4. Similar to the other Valkyria game titles, a small country has embargoed by a powerful kingdom called Rus, which has been subject to advanced industrial advancement due to a magical source of energy called Ragnite. The game’utes combat is somewhat of a real-time strategy RPG involving achieving objectives around the battlefield.

Check out the awesome teaser trailer underneath:

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Warhorse Studios Kickstarts Realistic Single-Player RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance



“You will not find just about any dragons, half-naked Elven warriors, as well as wizards in Country Come: Deliverance. At silly will you have to obtain seven pieces of popular magic staff in order to defeat an ancient bad bent on doing damage to the world with an affiliate marketer of demons. We feel there are enough these kinds of games out there.”

Warhorse Galleries, a company composed of veteran developers responsible for online games such as Mafia, Arma, as well as Operation Flashpoint, have decided to adopt roleplaying into “dungeons and no dragons” territory.?Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the most up-to-date game in their amazing roster has been launched on Kickstarter only days to weeks ago, and has presently amassed over a 3 rd of its goal.

As explained on Kickstarter:

“A f...

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We Chat With Greg Kasavin associated with Supergiant Games About Transistor



Supergiant Games is best known for Bastion, an insanely creative isometric RPG with cellular levels, upon layers of imagination. It gotten plenty of awards, each one well deserved. It’d have been easy enough with the folks behind the hit to simply turn out a sequel, sell some gorgeous art, and tweak the already excellent aspects. And we would have been pleased about it, as well, simply because it’s not everyday that a game such as Bastion comes along. Instead, Supergiant thought we would take the riskier option; the more inventive strategy. Have you heard about Transistor? Certainly you have, but just just in case I’ll refresh your memory.

Transistor — followup to the indie sensation, Bastion — is a sci-fi crafted action RPG with a thick coating involving strategy...

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Meet Genei Ibun Roku ?FE’s Maiko Shimazaki within New Trailer



While here in North America we’actu awaiting Xenoblade Chronicles X’s imminent release, each of our companions in Japan are eagerly looking forward to?Genei Ibun Roku ?FE. The product of your collaboration between Wise Systems and Atlus, the actual upcoming JRPG seeks to blend the worlds of fireside Emblem and Leg Megami Tensei in a brand new, beautiful adventure. The latest movie trailer?for the game features the character of Maiko Shimazaki, leader of the talent company Fortuna Entertainment.

Genei Ibun Roku ?FE is determined to release in Asia,exclusively on Wii system U, on 12 , 26. Nintendo has confirmed the game to get a North American release at the same time, but precise particulars have yet to be announced.

Check out of the new trailer under:

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