Fire Emblem Fates Finding Further Content Cut


Fire Emblem Fates Cutscene

While the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates will continue to get character-based features such as system supports, marriage and kids, it seems one of the game’azines more acquired aspects will not be making its way into the American localization. As Nintendo verified today, via Kotaku, one of the game’s mini-games – dubbed the actual Petting mini-game – will be taken off entirely. Ellaborating on their conclusion, Nintendo stated the ps3?‘make it appropriate for that exact territory.’

Though it’s unconfirmed, deficiency of any further detail in any substitute content material would suggest this is a straight-forward treatment, as opposed to replacing materials in the Japanese launch for new content?in the West. This is not the first time this specific stylus-controlled gameplay has been showcased in a 3DS name, as was shown in Pokmon?X/Y with the Pokmon-Amie element which let gamers ‘develop stronger bonds’ with their partners. Fire Logo Fates – both Birthright & Conquest – arrives first in the US last month 19.

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