Undead Darlings Gets a Prefundia Page in Anticipation of Crowdfunding Campaign



Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ looked to become cute take on dungeon robots and visual works of fiction when it launched with Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the early talk about of the game (together with timing against greater campaigns), led to the eventual funding inability.

Mr. Tired Media have been hard at work since then, supplying development updates on their own blog. At the latest stage in progress they’ve now started showing off gameplay video clips. You can take a look at their first video release below.

A Prefundia page pertaining to Undead Darlings has also absent live. The purpose of Prefundia is to buy feedback from interested parties before running a crowdfunding campaign. Opinions will not only be valued but listened to as being the team works toward eventually launching a second – and hopefully prosperous – Kickstarter.

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