Firaxis Announce Partnership with Long War Broadcasters for XCOM 2



Firaxis have?announced?that they will be partnering with the recently formed Long War Studios. ?Comprised of a small staff that developed the Long War mod with regard to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the group is already developing numerous mods to be ready (with any luck ,) by the time XCOM 2 releases on February 5.

Further details of the partnership are imprecise, however,?more?data is promised “soon”. At the very least, we have been sure to gain even more insight on?January 30 when Firaxis maintain their panel with PAX South. ?Gameplay and information regarding XCOM 2’s modding instruments are set to be shown around this event.

Long War Dojos are also developing their own personal projects. Their very first, titled?Terra Invicta?is a “awesome strategy game in which the player leads this defense of Planet during an alien intrusion.” that is currently?throughout?pre-Kickstarter development. ?More information on Very long War Studios and their projects can be found about?their website.


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