Bunny FuFuu Back in the Beginning Lineup for Cloud 9



Bunny FuFuu started out this NA LCS time of year as starting assistance for Cloud Nine, but after a unsatisfying opener was substituted with Hai. Cloud 9 started to win their second game of the growing season due in large part to Hai’s shotcalling, but it appears their going to check the waters together with Bunny again.

Keeping Hai from the lineup has been a extremely had thing regarding Cloud 9 to try and do ever since he “retired” final season. Since then he’ersus been brought in since the team’s jungler and assist providing them a of curiosity they seem to not have the capacity to replace. It’s apparent that you can’t swap Hai’s game management, but the team is definitely hoping Bunny can supply them with something to have them to their winning ways.

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