Ubisoft and SpectreVision Teaming Up for VR


Ubisoft and SpectreVision Team Up for VR

Game developer giant Ubisoft as well as SpectreVision announced at Sundance Film Festival that they could well be working together to produce fresh interactive projects inside the realm of virtual truth. For those unfamiliar with the particular name, SpectreVision is a production company founded by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh D. Waller. Vice President of Ubisoft Montreal, Meat Plourde, lent some small insight on what the partnership may develop:

“We’re thrilled to be using the services of the team at SpectreVision by using an interactive VR experience. The expertise in the horror film genre can be exciting for us being a developer of fun entertainment and we’re looking forward to a effort that will ultimately offer you fans an unforgettable digital reality experience.”

Specifically, SpectreVision have been around in collaboration with Ubisoft’azines FunHouse Studio in Montreal. Whilst the VR potential for horror by itself is simultaneously fascinating and terrifying, Ubisoft isn’big t known these time for producing scary encounters. It will be interesting to view where this goes.


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