Yandere Simulator Banned coming from Twitch


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Yandere Simulator will be launched one of these days. One of these days…

But before this, good luck watching and/or internet streaming it on Have a nervous tic, because it has been banned in the streaming service. Silly for the ban received to developer YandereDev (even with multiple attempts in contact), but he has speculated it is due to panty shots hanging around. He brings up the matter that Grand Theft Automotive V is helped, yet it has sex and torture scenes.

Oddly enough, Yandere Simulator is fairly tame by Western standards and doesn’big t feature any very revealing nudity (there is a number of “Titan” near-nudity, however). A look at Twitch’ersus Rules of Get hold of reveals that every Sakura recreation and HuniePop have also been suspended, even though they also don’testosterone levels feature explicit nudity (there have been patches that will add it to Sakura, though).

Watch YandereDev dealing with the ban below:

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