Save the delicate ghosts from the malicious spirits in Blurry Pop!


Just in time for Halloween, Spider Pop is a brand-new Bubble Shooter with a Halloween feel that has been released by BubbleGum Fun. Players will be looking to save the little along with cutesy spirits through the more malevolent ones that have been also throwing the magical balance out of that equilibrium.

Players will tap into a variety of spells, improves, power-ups, and more on their journey, and all of them will be needed to take down 10 different bosses seen in Ghost Pop, and earn things right. More levels will be revealed to you during play, as well as Ghost pop also includes leaderboards for bragging privileges, as well as prizes that are sent away (in recreation), on a weekly basis.

Ghost Pop Functions:

? Action packed game fun with brilliant tap and swipe controls
? An awful lot of cool spells, powerups and also ghost busting character types to collect
? Awesome un-lockable levels with 10 manager ghosts to capture!!
? Challenge friends for top score glory in addition to weekly prizes. Mail Taunts and Gifts!
? Vibrant, vivid cartoon visuals and pumping soundtrack
? Worldwide App, optimized for phones and capsules.

Ghost Pop is available via Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore for free with optionally available IAPs as well.

Amazon Appstore: Ghost Pop

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