Marvel Future Deal with gets a Halloween up-date with new personas, costumes and more


Another major title has brought a Halloween up-date and this time it is made for NetMarble’s Marvel Future Combat game. This brand-new update brings by using it some new characters, brand new costumes, a new Affair Stage, a new Partnership battle and more. For just a Halloween themed update, this really is one of the bigger ones we’ve seen so far this year.

Starting off with the characters and costumes, this particular new update brings three new characters to the game with an additional six completely new costumes for some other characters. The new upgrades are Lash, Warwolf, and also Elsa Bloodstone. As for the costumes, you will discover new ones for Knife, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Dark-colored Cat, SPIDOC and a Marvel’s Providers of S.H.I.E.T.D. variant regarding Lash.

As for the additional new goodies, the modern Event Stage is very themed around Halloween (featuring Venom and Green Goblin bosses) as well as every one of the story missions. Persona upgrade and controlling has also been tweaked, and also new Six Movie star Skill Sets have been combined with Marvel Future Fight for Punisher, Black Secure and Thor. Alliances will now manage to battle it out along with other ones on a daily basis.

Lastly, as with all update for any online game, there was also a variety of bug fixes along with overall game alterations arriving with this upgrade. If you have this game set up on your Android device of choice, you should be able to download this completely new Halloween update at this point. You can check out some of the Trick or treat goodies in the online video below.

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