Nexon Korea releases Pants pocket Maple Story on Android in select regions to start


Nexon Korea has announced that the mobile form of their popular Mmog for PC known as Maple Story will ultimately be getting released. If you have been following the site intended for awhile, you’re probably imagining to yourself “but isn’t a mobile version of Cherry Story already obtainable?”. Well it had been, sort of, but that will game (Maple Story Live as it seemed to be called) is no longer available on Google Play.

Update: April 27th, 2015 11:11am PST: Just a fast update for those of you have been waiting for the global discharge of Pocket MapleStory. Nexon Korea did exactly that today, internationally launched this game with Android. For those of you looking to download Pocket MapleStory, you can do so using the same link towards the bottom of this article that was for the soft launch recently.

The new game is termed Pocket Maple Story and is supposed to be the complete MMORPG experience yet on your Android unit. Nexon Korea is also finally labeling this game because the official mobile version of the PC game, so if you play the PC type, you should feel right at home with this one.

Pocket Walnut Story Features:

A comprehensive MMORPG experience on the mobile device
The first portable version with real-time online multiplayer that enables multilevel party play
Three different characters, Duel Blade, Angerlic Circuit breaker and Demon Slayer each with different skills as well as fighting styles
Fun rivalry together with the Dungeon and Guild system for you to compete with friends online
Personalization connected with characters and items
Bright in addition to colorful graphics reminiscent of the original PC game

Players will likely be trying to craft the right hero squad, learn each character’s skills along with strengths, while trying to make your way through the many 1,500+ quests easily obtainable in this game. The multiplayer aspect of this game is within real-time, just like the PC version, so grouping track of other people and questing because of this is very much how it must be with a mobile Mmo.

For those of you who are hot for this game, or just have already been looking for another mobile phone MMORPG to play, you very well may want to check this recreation out. Pocket Maple Story is available regarding download for free along with optional IAPs available likewise. This is a limited smooth launch right now, so you have got to live in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norwegian, and Sweden as a way to download this game, or use a VPN. No word on an exact particular date for the global start as of yet.

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