Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Bunch 3 Characters drip prior to Reveal



The four new combatants forthcoming with Mortal Kombat X’utes Kombat Pack 2 possess leaked ahead of the reveal at The Online game Awards 2015.

All Games Experiment with has the trailer. Kombat Group 2 comes with 4 character, and you might end up being shocked by a few of these. Here is a breakdown of just about every character:

  • Leatherface – The main antagonist from The Texas Chain saw Massacre. True to the subject, Leatherface will carry the signature chainsaw straight into battle.
  • Tri-Borg – A new identity based on three fan favorites. He is a combination of Cyrax, Sektor, and Software Smoke.
  • Bo Rai Cho – The swallowed kung fu master makes his or her grand return. At first introduced in Human Kombat: Deadly Alliance.
  • Xenomorph – The alien from Nonresident. This creature possesses absorbed the Geonomics of Baraka to acquire his or her sword-like claws.

Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2

Mortal Kombat X along with Kombat Pack 1 can be found now on PS4, Xbox 360 One, and Computer. We’ll likely obtain a release date for Kombat Pack 2 figures at some point during The Sport Awards 2015.


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