Xbox One Special Raiden V Finally Gets a Release Date



Raiden V was announced quite a long time ago at this point. Since its expose, though, we’ve just been shown some concept art and a intro trailer. But while all of that was great, we had yet to find out actual gameplay screenshots and hear of a firm release date. Fortunately, that most has changed as of today. It turned out just announced by developer MOSS that Raiden Sixth v will launch entirely on Xbox One inch Japan on February 25. The game’s retail store version will manage folks about $65, even though the digital download will probably be discounted five approximately dollars, bringing the overall to around $60. Better still, plus in typical shmup fashion, most first-print copies of the list version will come filled with an original soundtrack CD.

Some some other details were likewise unveiled about the sport itself. Raiden V may reportedly use the Xbox 360 system One cloud to acquire the play data connected with other players throughout real-time, allowing folks to trace their friends’ ship movements in order to help maneuver them through various challenging areas of the action. This sounds a lot like what From Application does with their Spirits games, and is an incredibly welcome addition to the STG genre and Raiden / specifically. Furthermore, periods will also change in real-time centered the player’s and friends’ actions. In addition to that, persons can even help out some other players while on-line by using the game’s “Cheer Technique.” Lastly, as well as us most importantly, the overall game will include multiple testimonies and boast the greatest number of stages as well as weapons ever present in a Raiden game.

As one of the few Japanese-developed Xbox One exclusives, it’s going to be interesting to see that this game fares after its debut. We suspect that it will possibly be one of the more heavily foreign games of this technology, what with shmups being some of the most import-friendly titles around thanks to the lack of a key or involved account and menus which are usually already changed into English. That aside, Raiden V will probably be one of three announced shmups to help grace Microsoft’s system exclusively, with Natsuki Chronicle and Shooting Appreciate Trilogy still on the docket intended for release sometime in the longer term as well. Even with all those accompanying STG launches, however, Raiden V is certainly the largest name of the number, thanks to a long lineage and a history of world-wide releases.

While this statement only covers asia release — and while there’s been no word yet in the game getting a localization as well as release in the West — all of us half expect the item to come to the States at some point, considering nearly all previous Raiden games have certainly made the jump overseas. Not to mention, prior to a Xbox One was released, Phil Spencer mentioned that the introduced Japanese games then would almost all make their way westward. Seeing that Raiden V was in that will grouping of initial console exclusives being developed by Japanese teams, it could possibly very likely mean that the sport is slated for about a North American launch, be it via conventional retail or electronic digital download means.

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