Firaxis Announce Partnership with Long War Broadcasters for XCOM 2



Firaxis have?announced?that they will be partnering with the recently formed Long War Studios. ?Comprised of a small staff that developed the Long War mod with regard to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the group is already developing numerous mods to be ready (with any luck ,) by the time XCOM 2 releases on February 5.

Further details of the partnership are imprecise, however,?more?data is promised “soon”. At the very least, we have been sure to gain even more insight on?January 30 when Firaxis maintain their panel with PAX South. ?Gameplay and information regarding XCOM 2’s modding instruments are set to be shown around this event.

Long War Dojos are also developing their own personal projects. Their very first, titled?Terra Invicta?is a “awesome strategy game in which the player leads this...

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Destiny’s Next Big Event Announced, is all About Valentine’s Day


Destiny Crimson Days

Bungie has announced the next big Destiny function, Crimson Days, that can heavy inspiration through Valentine’s Day.

This Feb ., Guardians are welcomed to the Tower to sign up in Crimson Days, a brand new event similar in scope to be able to Halloween’s Festival of the Lost. The event begins February 9, and may last for the one few days. The Tower is going to be fully decorated in celebration.

Of course, Violet Days is more with regards to just lounging regarding the decked out Tower, it is also about finding companions and tearing a part other partners in the Crucible. Bungie is delivering a whole new 2vs2 Crucible mode called Crimson Double. You and a partner will enter struggle against another duo for the chance to acquire some sweet recover the cash...

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Unbox Dispatching Onto Units


Unbox Screenshot

UK-based Prospect Games’ quirky however vibrant?physics-based platformer, Unbox, will be coming over to consoles, it’s been announced today. With its already-stated release with regard to PC, the game are going to be coming to both PS4 & Xbox 360 One though it hasn’to been stated regardless of if the console versions will certainly arrive at the same time as the PC’s predicted May 2016 window, nevertheless the developers have assured an update in a very future announcement.

Nevertheless, Unbox remains one of the year’s eagerly-anticipated independent releases (at least in this guy’s humble opinion), but for those of you unaware of the game, you can check out a fresh trailer which elaborates on the game’s often-zany multitude of ways, both single-player and multi player alike...

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Bunny FuFuu Back in the Beginning Lineup for Cloud 9



Bunny FuFuu started out this NA LCS time of year as starting assistance for Cloud Nine, but after a unsatisfying opener was substituted with Hai. Cloud 9 started to win their second game of the growing season due in large part to Hai’s shotcalling, but it appears their going to check the waters together with Bunny again.

Keeping Hai from the lineup has been a extremely had thing regarding Cloud 9 to try and do ever since he “retired” final season. Since then he’ersus been brought in since the team’s jungler and assist providing them a of curiosity they seem to not have the capacity to replace. It’s apparent that you can’t swap Hai’s game management, but the team is definitely hoping Bunny can supply them with something to have them to their winning ways.

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The Solus Project’s Creator Video Presents a whole world of Solitude


The Solus Project

The Solus Project presents an enormous amount of solitude with hopelessness along with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Grip Electronic digital pits you in this foreign globe that feels empty, but also with a pleading with sense of danger plus the sole goal to thrive. With the developer video clip provided today, you are able to take a look into this far away planet and obtain a sense of this first- particular person science-fiction adventure.? The Solus Project is slated to have an early February generate for Xbox One and Steam.

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Ubisoft and SpectreVision Teaming Up for VR


Ubisoft and SpectreVision Team Up for VR

Game developer giant Ubisoft as well as SpectreVision announced at Sundance Film Festival that they could well be working together to produce fresh interactive projects inside the realm of virtual truth. For those unfamiliar with the particular name, SpectreVision is a production company founded by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh D. Waller. Vice President of Ubisoft Montreal, Meat Plourde, lent some small insight on what the partnership may develop:

“We’re thrilled to be using the services of the team at SpectreVision by using an interactive VR experience. The expertise in the horror film genre can be exciting for us being a developer of fun entertainment and we’re looking forward to a effort that will ultimately offer you fans an unforgettable digital reality experience.”


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